Esta semana, y raíz de mi colaboración internacional para las revistas francesas FLAVOR y SPRAY, entrevistamos a la editora general de las dos revistas, Estelle Surbranche.

Estelle quedó fascinada con Panamá, su gente y su comida, y por eso mismo mientras estábamos almorzando y hablando de todo un poco, le pregunté si me quería responder unas preguntas muy cortas y me dijo que sí en un micro segundo.



Aquí tenemos las 10  que seleccionamos de la ‘bolsa de preguntas’.

The dish you most cook at home: soup, easy, healthy and various

One ingredient: right now I’m in love with panais, which is an old vegetable between turnip and potato.

One dish: I’m almost ashamed to say this at my age but it’s a dessert that my mom called «charlotte aux fraises» : a creamy biscuit with Strawberries. No one do it the way she does it and it’s absolutely delicious.

Favorite drink: red wine, of course

What you most liked about Panamanian restaurants: ceviche

What you most disliked about Panamanian restaurants: Not enough vegetables in the menu

The ingredient that I hate having on a plate is : blood. (we have some specialities in France made with blood and I find it disgusting)

Which is the first dish you remember from you childhood?: smashed patatoes

Something you don’t eat?: liver

Is there something I didn’t asked you that I should have had?: No it’s Ok ! I have even tell you this thing about my mom: you know enough secrets now 🙂

¡Que disfruten!


la comida y yo, yo y la comida

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